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Baire specialists are selected from hundreds of qualified candidates to undergo lengthy training and a rigorous qualification process. Only after this training are they able to offer safe and effective IPL laser hair removal treatments.

Our IPL, threading and waxing technicians have years of experience creating beautiful eyebrows and offering comfortable Brazilian wax services. Set up your free Test Patch today and come meet our team.


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Baire Hair Removal Specialists
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American Laser Centers, American Laser Skincare, the random woman working in the back of her apartment… have you been burned by one of these, or by another company that exchanged short term profits for the safety of their clients?

Did they take your money and close up shop? Did they treat you for years without results? Did they actually burn you to a degree that was unexpected or unimaginable, due to poor machines or untrained staff? Do these stories sound familiar:

American Laser Centers File Bankruptcy

American Laser Skincare Customers Not Feeling Pretty

Companies like American Laser Skincare sold lifetime packages of unlimited laser hair removal, taking upfront payments and leaving clients without recourse or treatment? Are you desperate for a company to provide honest, safe, and effective hair removal service?

You've found the answer! Baire can be your permanent hair removal solution. Baire was formed after the owner was sick of watching other companies take advantage of other people's insecurities and lack of knowledge about hair removal treatment. The Baire team operates under a "People First Philosophy." Short-term profits come second to the safety and happiness of our clients and our team members.

Because hair removal is the ONLY treatment we provide, our Hair Removal Specialists are more informed about the process and treatment. They provide the most comfortable brazilian wax, most effective IPL laser hair removal, and most precise eyebrow threading. If you want permanent hair removal for men or women, call us first at 646.462.3235!


We will start with a FREE consultation and test patch. If we feel that this would be a safe and effective treatment for you, we’ll do a test in every area that you want to eventually treat. You get to try the service before you start your first treatment! Each area should be tested when using a different machine because the hair and the skin and sun exposure is different on different parts of your body.


The free test patch also helps us push the treatment to be as effective as possible. Instead of just using standard settings, we can observe the skin and hair reaction immediately and after 2 days. Finding your personalized optimal setting to start helps us get the best value for every treatment.


You’ll find that our staff is focused on what’s best for each client. We want to expand our business through referrals, for long-term, sustainable growth. This happens when clients get the results they were looking for at the price that they were quoted. You never have to wonder if we charged the next person more or less, the price is right on our website!

Our monthly payments are an attractive option after getting burned by someone that took your money and ran. You pay a monthly fee for benefits and special pricing. When you get service is when you pay an affordable per visit rate.

Baire provides high quality, permanent hair removal options and recommendations through Intense Pulsed Light laser hair removal, waxing, Baire Boost, threading and knowledgeable specialists. Regardless of skin type or hair type, we can help. Come in for your free Hair Removal Assessment and Test Patch today. Call 646.462.3235 to get started.

Our convenient Midtown Manhattan location offers the best waxing in Hell’s Kitchen-Clinton Hill and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We can help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution to your facial hair, bikini area, chest, underarms, back hair and other unwanted hair areas. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading eyebrows and hair removal products.

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