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Come in for a FREE Personalized Treatment Plan with the hair removal specialists at Baire. We offer professional, safe and affordable IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading and hair removal products in New York City, NY.

Your plan may include Brazilian waxing, IPL laser hair removal for facial hair and threading for your eyebrows. Or, you may be able to do IPL hair removal on your whole body! Sign up now for a free test patch!

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Best Laser Hair Removal Companies in New York

Baire Hair Removal Specialists
503 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
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New York City Brazilian Waxing
New York City Waxing
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503 West 51st Street
@ 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

Quick and Easy access from C/E trains. Short walk from Columbus Circle (1/A/B/C/D) & from Port Authority (A/C/E) & from 49th Street Stop (N/Q/R)

Our convenient Midtown Manhattan NYC location offers the best waxing in Hell’s Kitchen-Clinton Hill and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We can help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution to your facial hair, bikini area, chest, underarms, back hair and other unwanted hair areas. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading eyebrows and hair removal products.

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