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Blog: Removing Facial Hair With Lasers

Author: Michelle Roediger - Owner of Baire Body - 6/20/16

Want a face free of fuzz? Tired of wallowing in your whiskers? Facial hair can be a pain. Unlike hair elsewhere, fur on the face cannot be concealed with clothing. Using make-up or shaving repeatedly can be time-consuming and money-consuming. So... keep away from the tweezers and the wax kit. Put away those razors.

Try lasers.

Without a doubt, laser hair removal is one of the best paths to permanent hair reduction for your face. Having been on the market since the mid-90s, laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the US.

The two most common methods of hair removal for facial hair are IPL/traditional lasers and electrolysis. Electrolysis is often preferred for small areas if you’re battling white or grey hairs, or if you have dark skin. Nonetheless, laser has a number of benefits by comparison with electrolysis for the face.

For one, laser is faster: Each pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a section and can treat many hairs in one burst. An area roughly the size of a quarter can be treated in a second. A small area like the upper lip could be treated in under a minute. By contrast, electrolysis treats a single follicle at a time, destroying each one permanently.

Electrolysis is often rather painful, too. IPL and some new traditional lasers have become comfortable ways to get rid of that hair for good. The sensations have been described anywhere from a stinging rubber band or a tingling heat flash, down to completely painless.

So, does laser hair removal actually work on the face?

Yes, it can be just as effective as it is in other areas of the body. But, it may take longer for the same results. Most people need between eight and twelve treatments to achieve long-term hair reduction. And the face is a very hormonal area. So, while some clients can be done in as little as six treatments, most people need many more treatments in this area. Many clients need between ten and fifteen or more treatments. Facial hair removal in men often takes a lot longer than for women. A wait of three to eight weeks between sessions is recommended depending on the area being treated, stage of the process, skin color, coarseness of hair and sex.

Side effects are minimal, including itching, pink skin, redness, swelling around the treatment area. These typically last no more than two or three days. Your face could look a little reddened for a few days after treatment. Not too much that make-up couldn't conceal it, though. It's recommended that you wear sunscreen daily to help prevent temporary changes in the color of the skin that underwent laser treatment.

The most common challenges come with dealing with growth between visits. Shedding of the treated hair typically takes between two and three weeks. Clients can shave between treatments, but must avoid tampering with the follicles of these hairs, for example, through plucking or tweezing- as this can interfere with the treatment regime. Treatment could also activate dormant hair follicles. This can be stressful to see more hair arrive after a treatment, but it’s actually a great benefit! You’re then able to treat hairs that may not have activated for a few years, due to hormonal changes that come with age.

More serious and more rare side effects include acne, burning of the skin, scarring, swelling and skin discoloration. Most commonly, these effects come from clients not following the requirements for treatment, improper training of technician for assessment and treatment application, poorly maintained machines, incorrect settings. In any case, permanent scarring or changes to skin color are very rare. With proper procedures at a qualified hair removal center, these risks are minimized.

Pain is usually minimal to non-existent- though this differs from patient to patient. To reduce pain and minimize side effects, practitioners often use forms of coolant on the face such as cryogen spray of forced cool air, gels or icepacks. Mild, over-the-counter numbing creams or pain relievers are sometimes used for application. You need to check with your provider to ensure that medications aren’t photosensitive. Strong numbing creams can be dangerous in combination with laser treatment, even fatal.

The results from facial hair removal are invaluable. Yes, you get rid of the hair. You no longer have to spend hours each week dealing with the unwanted hair. You stop spending money on razors, bleach, or temporary hair removal services. But, the greatest benefit is the confidence that comes from the smooth skin. No longer worrying about your co-worker seeing lip hair, your new boyfriend getting a whisker scratch, or deleting pictures that have a face shadow. That is truly priceless. So what are you waiting for?

No more razor. Try laser..

Blog: Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Author: Michelle Roediger - Owner of Baire Body - 2/18/16

The short answer is yes, it works! When you are looking for permanent hair removal, there are several options. And all these options can bring great relief! If you choose the right option for your goals, hair type and skin type, your hair removal treatment can eliminate 80-90% of the hair for good. After successful treatment, you can live day to day without worrying about unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Image

Let’s explore the options and what permanent hair removal really means. There is only one process that the FDA has cleared for the term “permanent hair removal;” That’s electrolysis. With the process of electrolysis, each hair follicle is individually targeted and treated with a needle by a technician until the hair no longer returns. This can be extremely painful, expensive, and time consuming. Therefore, it’s really only recommended for people with certain skin and hair types (red, blonde, white or grey hair or dark skin) that are targeting very small areas.

Other types of treatment are actually considered “permanent hair reduction,” because 80-90% of the hair can be eliminated for good. After completing treatment, you may need touch-ups one or two times a year. You’ll be targeting any remaining stubborn hairs, hairs that were not in the key treatment phase at any time that you had previously had treatment, and hairs that are new due to hormonal and other body changes that occur with time. Options for permanent hair reduction include traditional lasers, IPL lasers, medications, and enzyme or topical treatments. Laser treatments are the most common and generally provide the fastest results.

What factors affect treatment results?

While hair removal may seem like a simple process, there are a lot of factors that affect your individual results. Keep in mind that the body is very complicated, and the most experienced doctors often disagree on the right approach and expected results for the same patient in any field. And there’s no way to prove if one or another was right! The body is a beautiful and amazing mystery. But, fortunately, there are basics that we all know and can agree upon for treatment of hair removal!

Here’s a list of just some of the factors that could affect your personal hair removal results:

• Machine type
• Machine calibration/maintenance
• Skin type, including color, reaction to sun and heat
• Hair color, density and thickness
• Hormones
• Body’s production of hair and growth cycle timing
• Hair location on the body
• Diet & Stress
• Sun exposure
• Genes
• Medications
• Treatment schedule
• Technician performance

We recognize that there are a lot of factors inside that body that are out of our control, but there are many more that we can control. We’d like to share some tips that you can follow to help ensure the best treatment for you.

First, you want to evaluate your goals and commitment to the process. If your goal is to get rid of the hair good, then you will need to be committed to the process for at least one year. Ask yourself if you can minimize sun exposure and follow the rest of the treatment requirements for the next year. You will need to do treatments every 3-6 weeks, depending on the area and your personal hair growth.

Next, choose the right location for your needs. You want to find a place that will evaluate you personally for treatment, focusing on what treatment and settings you need for your specific skin type and hair type. Any reputable place should offer a free assessment and test patch. This not only helps with safety, but also with improving effectiveness. It will help them find the best setting for your skin and hair type, instead of relying on the general standard settings.

Don’t hesitate to ask them how often their machines are maintained or calibrated, how much experience and training their specialists have, and what procedures they employ to improve safety and effectiveness. You should feel comfortable asking questions. Quality providers recognize the benefit of having educated and informed clients.

Finally, follow the recommendations for best treatment. Your provider should give you a list of steps to prepare for each visit and what to do in between visits. For example, the only hair removal you should do between visits is shaving. Definitely no waxing or threading. You also want to keep your skin as healthy as possible – lots of water, minimal sun exposure, healthy diet. The healthier the skin, the safer and more effective the hair removal treatments!

What results can I really expect from laser hair removal treatments?

For enzyme treatments, traditional laser, and IPL laser hair removal you should start to see results after 5 or 6 treatments. Although you may see the hair growth slow down as early as your first treatment. Your true results after each treatment are actually seen several months later. You can see the growth process for a few of the common treatment areas below. Only about 20-30% of hair is in the Anagen Phase (or ideal treatment phase) at any given time.

Body Part
% of Actively Growing Body Hair (Anagen Phase)
Duration of active growth period (Anagen phase)
Total Cycle
16 weeks (4 mos)
5-7 mos
16 weeks (4 mos)
5-7 mos
13 weeks (3-4 mos)
4-7 mos
16 weeks (4 mos)
6-12 mos

So, when we think about a treatment on the legs. It could take 6 months for one set of treated hairs to be expected to come back around. That’s when we’ll be seeing the true effectiveness of the first legs treatment!

Your hair removal provider should be giving you feedback and realistic expectations throughout your treatment. We tell clients to expect 8-12 treatments, or at least a year of treatment. We’ve seen some clients with hormonal areas need 15 treatments. We’ve had other clients only need 6 treatments and walk out completely smooth! Each person is different, and each area of the body is different.

Keep on your schedule, follow your recommendations, and you could be living carefree for next year’s beach season. Onward – to a smoother future!

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Blog: How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Author: Michelle Roediger - Owner of Baire Body - 12/22/15

It’s hard to say what exactly to expect for the cost of laser hair removal.  Each person is different, and even each area of the body on the same person is different. So how could anyone say specifically how much it will cost for you to get rid of your unwanted hair?  On the same body, lower arms could be done within 6 visits, but the chin area could need twice as many.  What we can do is share with you realistic expectations and averages for laser hair removal cost in NYC.

The cost of laser or IPL treatments can also vary greatly from one location to another.  This is due to many variables, including the cost of onsite medical oversight, original cost of the machines, client expectations or marketing techniques, to name a few.  You also need to consider other financial aspects of the cost; will you be paying for a package all up front or will you pay a monthly payment?

If you search, you can find Groupon type deals for as low as $15 for a really small area.  These locations usually focus on quantity, getting as many clients in the door as possible.  Conversely, you may also find that a single session for an extra large area can run as much $750 or more at a doctor’s office.  The cost of laser hair removal in NYC will run the gamut between the two.  Looking at the middle ground, your Brazilian laser hair removal cost range should reasonably be between $850 and $2000 at a reputable location.

At Baire, we have two payment options for IPL laser hair removal.  You can choose to pay $145 per session for a Brazilian treatment.  Or you can join our more popular option, membership, and save a lot of money over the course of treatment.  After the initial sign-up fee, you pay a monthly membership of $25 to have access to special $75 pricing per visit for Brazilian.

In general, clients need between 8 and 12 visits.  Some places will advertise that you only need 6 treatments.  This is not a statement that anyone can stand behind.  First, most people need more than 6.  Secondly, there is no magic number of treatments for all body types or problem areas.  It’s not something that you can predict before starting treatment.  The hormonal areas tend to take longer.  These include face, back, underarms and bikini or Brazilian area.  The cost of hair removal may vary widely per person.

Think about it this way, you can talk with several doctors and find that they will recommend different approaches to an ailment like acne.  But, even if they all agree on the recommended type of treatment, they still can’t say exactly how long one would need to apply a medication, or how many treatments would be needed.  They recommend an approach and then have you return to check your progress.  The same is true for hair removal!  There is so much involved in the production of your body hair, and respectively, the permanent removal or reduction of it.

The Brazilian area is very hormonal, so the range of number of visits will be wider, differing more between people.  But, if we use an estimated 10 visits over a 1-year period, you would pay $1050.  Again, some clients may need more or less, depending on their growth cycles, hormones, and other variables.

Using the general ranges of average treatment times, here are the approximate costs of laser hair removal in some of the most popular areas.  Please keep in mind that these will vary for you, and should only be used as a guide in creating your treatment plan.  When considering how much is the cost of laser hair removal, remember that when you choose treat several areas at one time, you will be able to save more money.  We included an average timeframe for most clients as well:

* Brazilian (10-14 treatments) $1100 - $1500
* Full Back  (10-15 treatments)  $2290 - $2940
* Lower arms & hands  (6-10 treatments)  $720 - $960
* Face  (6-15 treatments)  $570 - $1050
* Full Legs  (6-10 treatments)  $1440 - $1960

If you reach out to the business directly to ask about special offers, they’ll usually tell you where to find them or give you their current special promotions.  At Baire, we post our best specials for existing clients on our Facebook page.  You can find last-minute Flash Sales, seasonal sales, and ongoing promotions.  Most laser hair removal locations offer an amazing referral program, too.  If you’re on a budget, take some time to learn about all the special offerings to find the best match for your hair removal goals.  When you plan to do more areas at the same time, you can save more money.

What is the TRUE cost (or savings) of doing laser hair removal?

Let’s stick with the Brazilian area as our example.  Most people wax this area every 4 weeks.  At a cost of approximately $55 per visit, this is $715 per year.  If that money had been spent on getting rid of the hair for good, you would start saving in less than two years and for the rest of your life!  In the first 10 years, you’ll save over $6,000!!!

What’s more, you’ll get to save on the cost of the time spent treating the area and the worries about ingrowns, rashes and forgetting to shave.  Waking up with smooth skin and a year round bikini body, gives you a sense of relief that is priceless.

Is there anything else to consider with the cost of laser or IPL laser hair removal?

You want to check with the business to see if they have any other associated costs.  Some places will recommend or require a special treatment gel.  These are usually high-end products that will help with the healing of the skin from each treatment and soothing the skin for comfort.  Some treatments may take longer to get IPL or laser hair removal versus wax.  Full back area usually takes less time to wax than to get laser hair removal.  But don’t forget, eventually you’ll get to stop going in for regular treatments!  Most of the costs are short term and pay off with the results of permanent hair reduction.

Just remember, if an offer is too to be true, it often may be!  There are plenty of places that use old machines, don’t properly train their staff, won’t schedule the proper amount of time for treatment, or run their machines on low settings to get more treatments out of their clients.  They plan on a quantity versus quality approach to getting clients in the door.  If you want great results, the cheapest option is usually not the best.

On the other hand, just because a treatment is priced high, doesn’t make it safe or effective.  There are plenty of medical and non-medical professionals that are willing to sacrifice your service to make an extra dollar.  If you’re not comfortable with the center or the people at the center offering you treatment, go somewhere else.  Your beautiful body is worth some extra time to find the place that makes you feel comfortable.

Onward – to a smoother future!

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