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IPL Hair Removal
Baire Hair Removal Specialists are the best in NYC for safe laser hair removal and comfortable Brazilian waxing.

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New York City IPL Laser Hair Removal

NYC Laser Hair Removal, Brazilian Wax, Eyebrow & Lash Experts

IPL Hair Removal NYC FAQ
For the safest and most effective hair removal in NYC, we perform a free test patch for every IPL laser hair removal client... more
Hell's Kitchen Brazilian Wax in NYC
BOOST your wax for longer lasting results! Our experienced NYC hair removal staff makes a world of difference...more
Body Hair Removal For Men and Women in Midtown, Manhattan
From lashes to lasers, the Baire team will help you wake up feeling beautiful. Learn about our professional services...more

Best Hair Removal Services in NYC and Hell's Kitchen

BENEFITS of hair removal specialists:
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Comfortable and relatively pain-free
  • State-of-the-art FDA approved lasers
  • Faster sessions, more streamlined process
  • Knowledgeable, highly trained staff
  • Focused on the right treatment for YOU
  • Clean and relaxed boutique atmosphere
  • All we do is expertly remove hair

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Most Popular Hair Removal and Beauty Services

Brazilian Waxing Lash Extensions
Male Brazilian Wax Brow Wax
Brow Thread Full Back w/ Shoulders Wax
Full Face IPL Full Back Laser
Chin Laser Underarms Laser

Our convenient Midtown Manhattan location offers the best waxing and threading in Hell’s Kitchen-Clinton Hill and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution for your facial hair, bikini area, chest, underarms, back hair and other unwanted hair areas. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading eyebrows and hair removal products.

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