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Come in for a FREE Personalized Treatment Plan with the hair removal specialists at Baire. We offer professional, safe and affordable IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading and hair removal products.

Your plan may include Brazilian waxing, IPL laser hair removal for facial hair and threading for your eyebrows. Or, you may be able to do IPL hair removal on your whole body! Sign up now for a free test patch!

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Best Laser Hair Removal Companies in New York

Baire Hair Removal Specialists
503 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
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to free people from the high cost of laser hair removal, time spent shaving, and worry of unwanted hair through safe and affordable hair removal treatment in a professional atmosphere.

Baire BELIEFS... a great company can grow with a long-term perspective, strong ethics, with a people-first motivation. Our team members are proud to work for a company that places people above than short-term profits. Team members are empowered to help every client receive the best treatment for their needs, and if there ever is an issue, team members are able to solve those, too. Lastly, we believe that everyone should be able to afford to free themselves from the stress, pain and high costs of unwanted hair.

BENEFITS… ongoing industry training, dependable hourly pay, opportunity for bonuses and pay raises, integrity and respect, compensation on team basis, grow with the company, only treat clients suitable for safe and effective treatment, flexible schedule, be a part of a team, management support of your decisions, group social events, opportunity to contribute to company success, and more!

NEW TEAM MEMBERS... We’ll be looking for future Receptionists and Baire Hair Removal Specialists with the following minimum requirements: happy, hard-working, team player, sales or customer service experience, flexible, professional, and likes working with people. Hair Removal Specialists must also be NYS licensed estheticians. Preferred skills and experience for specific openings provided upon inquiry.

APPLY… send email with subject heading TEAM INQUIRY to and request information for specific role or job type. No phone calls, please.

Our convenient Midtown Manhattan location offers the best waxing in Hell’s Kitchen-Clinton Hill and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We can help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution to your facial hair, bikini area, chest, underarms, back hair and other unwanted hair areas. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading eyebrows and hair removal products.

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